Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 002 - Captain America

I just want to say, Captain America is the HARDEST character to draw. You don't know it until you try, but its just difficult to cram all that patriotism into one hero. I thought it might be fun to put my initial sketch next to my cleaned up pencils. I apologize for the light shield, but for some reason I couldn't push any harder without my circle template shifting on me. As you can see from the rough pencils that I do need the aid of a template. I'm beginning to like this little project. It's getting me to draw a heck of a lot more.


space-bean said...

I always like Captain America for some reason... maybe it's because I've never drawn him. :P

nakamura_michiyo said...

It looks really good, Matt! Even on the beginning sketch, it was clear the piece would look good. The final shows your clean pencils and the precision you have - it's just great =) Awesome work!