Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 001 - The Goon

The Goon. This was suggested by a man named Phayce over on Deviantart. I know nothing about The Goon, but he always seemed like an interesting character. I'll have to pick up Vol. 1 of the book sometime.

Day 1 complete. Only 364 to go!


Viper13 said...

Smooth, strong lines as always buddy. Love the shape of the hat, good stuff!

Viper13 said...

Oh by the way, here's mine.

I'll be updating it pretty consistently I hope, maybe it'll help me get my butt in gear and start really working on it.

nakamura_michiyo said...

as always, your lines are awesome. I love the way you covered his eyes with the shade from the hat - really great work =)
A victory for day one! Already a successful start.

And by the way, this is deviantart's cool-slayer :)

Ash Collins said...

nice goon. the goon rools!
day one of what?
nice work bra!

oh and i got here via DA (this being RadSavij :3)